Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hello and Welcome

I have recently decided that sooo many of life's little moments go by unnoticed. Those moments that make you giggle but a week from now you can't remember what they were. I want to be able to remember those little moments, as they are what make everyday special. So, I am hoping I can keep this up I want to post in here at least every other day to keep a record of our lives. Everything from hanging out as a family watching a movie, to potty training, to funny things the boys do and everything between. I should also introduce ourselves as so that if anyone does read this they will know a little bit about us. My name is Breanna and I have been married to my wonderful husband, Brendan, for just over a year now. We have two beautiful boys; Kyler who is 2 and Deagan 4 months. Having two boys keeps us busy, so come along and join us on this crazy adventure we call life.

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