Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lifes Little Moments

Last night after a "terrible" day, laying in bed, I realized that what seemed so terrible really wasn't that bad and that I should take the time to enjoy the moments better. Kyler has recently regressed with his potty training and was peeing in his pants all day yesterday, which caused me to get soo frustrated. Yes, this is still frustrating but he will get the hang of it again and until bedtime his cute little, "Momma, I'm sorry" had gone by unnoticed. I have decided that those are the moments I want to remember not the moments that make me frustrated, or angry. Today I woke up early so I could get some laundry done (this way it doesn't become a game that takes 2 hours to do as every time you fold something your toddler is unfolding it) and decided that it would be a good park day. Brendan and I finished our chores for the morning, packed a lunch, and headed for the park. While we were there the kids ran around on the playground, sliding down slides and running around kicking a ball. There was of course a couple of meltdowns but I found after my "AH-HA" moment the night before they didn't seem to bother me as much. Instead I enjoyed all the other thing like the cute little voices asking for help, or the excitement they had for the city bus driving past, or them kicking the ball "so far" and then laughing hysterically......Yes those are the moment I love.

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