Thursday, 31 January 2013


Well I have missed a couple days but Deagan is teething again and going through a growth spurt. Kyler is getting over strep throat and does want to eat anything because it hurts his throat. So, in other words two very cranky and miserable boys who just want to snuggle with their mommy. However, because they have been going to sleep earlier than usual I got to watch my guilty pleasure show "Snooki & Jwoww" on Tuesday. It was the episode where Snooki has her baby and they are asking the nurse a whole bunch of questions including, "can you put a baby on it's back if it has hiccups?", "is it weird that i like the smell of his poop?", and my favorite was when Jionni ask the nurse, "If Snooki eats a bunch of chocolate will she produce chocolate milk?" Yup there is a reason why this is my guilty pleasure. Anyways hope to be back on track with posts soon.

Thanks for Reading :)

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