Sunday, 13 January 2013

I swear I cleaned

Ever have one of those cleaning days were you get really stuck on details thinking it wont take much work. Next thing you know you have got that one little space cleaned up only to turn around to what looks like a bomb has gone off. Without even realizing it you have pulled out sooo much other stuff that even though that one little spot looks awesome the rest of the space looks awful. Today was one of those cleaning days in our house, I brought home a desk to finally organize my sewing area which I did but in order to bring the desk in I had to move a whole bunch of stuff around. Now in my living room there are boxes of pictures that still need to go on walls, boxes that should have never been in the house in the first place as they have camping gear in them, and stacks of Christmas stuff that need to be put in bins and put away....Ahhh but my sewing corner looks nice :D does that count? Not to mention I decided to do all of this with a pulled muscle in my back which is now telling where I can shove it; not the smartest idea I have ever had. Seriously, here I should be taking advantage of the fact that Brendan is home all day to help with the boys so I can take it easy on my back and instead I'm making more work for myself. Does anyone else do this? Does anyone else feel the need to do projects instead of relax and end up making more projects for themselves? It is a never ending cycle in my house. Anyways, until tomorrow folks :)

Thanks for reading :)

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